TradeApp Pricing

is a cost effective online business solution.

offers a monthly Business License (for Business and Organisations) and a User License (for Contractors). Each license is renewable monthly via secure online payment (PayPal).

requires a Business License (paid for by the business) and a User License (usually paid for by the contractor). The Contractor is responsible for maintaining their User License.

Business License: $30/month

Central Office Function

  • Easy Business Sign Up and Log In
  • Create/Log a Job
  • Add new employees
  • Assign contractors to jobs
  • Input job costs (labour and product)
  • Track labour activity
  • Send job alerts/updates
  • Attach relevant documentation/plans
  • Manage job status (Logged/Booked/In Progress/ Product Required / Completed/ Invoiced)
  • Approve or reject daily timesheets
  • View and print reports

Contractor/User License: $10/month

User Function

  • Easy Contractor Sign Up and Login
  • Immediate access to the business network
  • Be assigned to jobs
  • View job lists
  • Google map integration to locate jobs
  • View job details
  • View alerts and documentation
  • View and input notes and updates
  • Provide job status online
  • Submit daily timesheets electronically
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