Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is ?
    is an online business solution that allows trade-based businesses to log, track and manage all job activity and product/labour costs in real time.
  • What equipment do I need?
    As is online all you need is a computer or laptop (if you are a business) or a tablet or smartphone (if you are a contractor). You also must have access to the Internet.
  • How do I pay for ?
    A license is payable monthly or annually via the website. All payment must be made using a Credit Card using Pay Pal. A discount is provided when an annual license is purchased.
  • What if I canít LOGIN?
    Click LOGIN tab and click Canít Login? Tab to access retrieve password function.
  • What if I canít find a Contractor?
    Ensure search details are correct including the chosen category. Select Show All category to see all available contractors.
  • What if I canít see a job I know Iím on?
    Check with the System Administrator (Office) to ensure you have been assigned to the job in .
  • What if I canít view a document?
    This may be due to your smart phone settings Ė check on another device to see if they are receiving the download. All documents are in PDF format Ė ensure you have a PDF reader on your device.
  • What canít I change Contractor details?
    A Contractor is responsible for his/her User License and is the only one who can change his/her details.
  • Why donít all jobs appear in the Job Calendar?
    They should. Ensure the Date Booked is correct.
  • Can I add another Job Status to the list?
    Yes. Click the Status Tab and create New Status for your company.
  • Why did I receive a Timesheet Rejected email?
    Your timesheet was rejected by the System Administrator (Office). Check details and resubmit your timesheet.
  • How do I change my hourly pay rate?
    Rates and other personal details can be changed via My Account.